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I offer consulting services within the food and wellness space. My focus is on how healthy food products are perceived by populations and those foods' marketability.

1. Health and Wellness Advisory

I help organizations small and large formulate communications strategies around health and wellness initiatives.

2. Communications Consulting

Understanding food and brand perception in your customer base is paramount to building a communications strategy.

3. Implementing Data Driven Decisions

Using robust data from numerous sources I am able to deliver data driven insight to help support strategic decision

in these




I possess the tools and knowledge to identify what is occurring with humans and food consumption and perception, and how this relates to your campaign or brand.



By understanding how policy is formed and with access to the right stakeholders, I am able to assist in identifying the right partners for a wide breadth of wellness products.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

I help clients understand the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations from realizing their developmental goals.

Economic Development

Economic Development

With food perception and wellness, I assist organizations to build sustained, concerted actions that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area.

I am a veteran communications and public policy expert with expansive experience in using market research and communications strategies to build consumer demand for new and existing products in the areas of health and wellness.

My work has involved solving global public policy issues such as obesity, hunger, sustainability and the digital divide with my most recent project being a collaboration with the White House and the Partnership for a Healthier America to encourage Americans to drink more water. First Lady Michelle Obama hailed this work on behalf of Nielsen as “groundbreaking.”

I possess the proven ability to help public sector entities use market research data to better inform public policy decisions and advocacy, and my passions revolve around forging private-public sector partnerships to impact social good.

Jim Laiderman

/ The Nielsen Company

I had the pleasure of working with Karen on The Water Project campaign, a high impact effort to support our First Lady’s efforts to create a healthier America. Karen assembled an incredible swat team of individuals from various groups in and outside of Nielsen to design, execute and measure the campaign. She is a visionary, consensus builder, leader, manager, mentor and I am proud to say a friend. As a result of this campaign, the team that Karen assembled is now working together on yet additional integration opportunities, something that would not have occurred naturally.

Karen Speaks at the Mayo Clinic:
Make Change Possible, Leveraging Population Research and Marketing Toward Better Health